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Used Cooking Oil

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Your customers are aware of the environmental issues we all face. And, they are conscientious shoppers when it comes to choosing businesses that have green policies in place, including the restaurants where they choose to dine. We are committed to providing you, and your customers, our recycling services needed to sustain a healthy environment. The used cooking oil collected is converted into renewable clean-burning biofuels.

Our customers value our cleanliness, efficiency, promptness in cooking oil collection and providing prompt payments. As an ISCC certified collector, to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, our documentation policies provide a complete history to ensure strict adherence on audit traceability.

Just contact us when your drum is full, and we will come to you when you need us. Alternatively, we can arrange pick-up on a regular basis on a scheduled date and time. We have the ability to service large industrial customers who use edible oil as part of further food processing operations.


Manufacture of Biodiesel

  • Diesel for Vehicle
  • Diesel for Power Generators

Manufacture of Biogas

  • Biogas for Commercial Kitchen

Other Services

  • Clearing of Pipe Choked
  • Vacuum Grease Interceptors
  • Wastewater Treatment

Used Oil Collection

Clearing Choked Pipe

Vacuum Grease Interceptors

Wastewater Treatment


Getting to you in a timely manner is our top priority, as we understand that excess, fat and cooking oil, waste can be hazardous for your business. No amount of used cooking oil is too big or too small and we offer comprehensive solutions to fit your storage space.

We have experienced and professional staff in routine waste oil collection which prevents spillage and has ZERO complaints from the Ministry of Environment (MOE).

Our customers can proudly add "Go Green" in their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) claiming that their by-products are used to reduce carbon footprint.