We are an eco-friendly company with innovative bio technology which produces sustainable and renewable energy fuels that caters to fuel-driven engines. We provide cleaning and clearing of pipe chokage and vacuuming of grease trap interceptors, filtration and waste water treatment on site. We have experienced and professional staff in routine waste oil collection which prevents spillage and has ZERO complaints from the Ministry of Environment (MOE).


Collected oil is processed into biofuel. We support renewable energy by going green. Eco-friendly: Reduce carbon emission which leads to lesser pollution. Reduces the possibility of waste oil illegally recycled for consumption. Used cooking oil is collected and processed in Singapore.

Benefits of Biofuels

Truly renewable, less black smoke, less caecinogenic emissions, non-toxis, biodegradable, non-flammable, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sulphur-free.
Requireds no modification to diesel engines, and provides a cleansing effect that helps release engine deposits built up from previous petrol-diesel use.
Fossil fuel, which is refined from crude oil, is a non-renewable resource and may run out one day, Unlike biofuels which are renewable because they are derived from crops that can be harvested annually.
Biofules are cleaner fuels, thus are able to keep engines running longer and requiring less maintenance in comparison to fossil fuels. Fuel bills will also subsequently become lower as products are readily available.